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I started Zeptepi in 2001 when I first arrived in Australia. For the first few years it was just a studio project, but by 2004 I was missing performing so much that I started looking for band members.

Initially the music was pretty much a continuation of my UK band The Debutantes, but by 2007 it was well on the way to being the folk-rock act is is today. Or was, yesterday… the band has been on hiatus since 2015. By this point we had played nearly 400 shows, including UK tours and a bunch of fantastic Australian festivals such as Port Fairy, National Folk and National Celtic, and generally had a fine old time. We released a disputed number of studio albums and possibly three live albums. I kinda lost track. The most recent line-up featured CC Thornley (electric banjo), Claire Johnstone (fiddle, vocals), Patrick Lyons (bass) and Brian Caffrey (drums).

I’ve been going through the archives and reissuing some of the albums lately, they’re slowly but surely turning up on streaming platforms. It’s not out of the question that we’ll get back together and play some more music – we never really split up. Check out some of the links below…